Ohio Renaissance Festival Top 10

What: Ohio Renaissance Festival
When: Saturdays & Sundays September 1-October 21
Where: 317 Brimstone Rd, Wilmington, OH
Tickets: Visit Ohio Renaissance Festival to purchase tickets! Use promo code CVB to save on 2 adult tickets.

Juggling at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

If you’re looking for some family fun in Ohio this fall, the Ohio Renaissance Festival is the place to go.  One of the largest festivals of its kind in country, the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Waynesville offers a variety of entertainment, food, rides and a unique atmosphere that you have to experience for yourself.  If you’re still unsure of what to expect at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, here are 10 of the top attractions you’ll be able to enjoy with your family.

ohio renaissance festival

  1. Jousting– You and your family can experience the sport that is a true test of strength, courage and will.  The Ohio Renaissance Festival features jousters in full metal armor competing to be the most worthy of praise.  Jousting is held three times daily so you and your family will be able to enjoy an authentic look at sporting events of the past.
  2. The Queen –  Take a trip back in time as you meet Queen Elizabeth I.  The queen makes greets visitors daily, allowing you and your family to embrace the times and surroundings of a Renaissance village.
  3. Turkey Legs– A staple of the Ohio Renaissance Festival, turkey legs are nearly two pounds and cooked to a juicy deliciousness.  Indulge with your family as you feast like kings and queens.
  4. Bread Bowls– No festival is complete without a feast.  Feed your family with delicious soups and stews as you finish up with a bowl you can eat!
  5. Swordsman – Learn the ways of the warrior as the swordsmen reveal the secrets to Renaissance-style warfare.  In addition to being fun, the Ohio Renaissance Festival is an informational experience to learn how old methods shaped the world we live in today.
  6. Characters– The Ohio Renaissance Festival is like stepping into a time machine.  While you may only be in Waynesville, Ohio, the characters of the Ohio Renaissance Festival make you feel as though you are in the times of Queen Elizabeth I.
  7. Rides– Children can enjoy “man-powered” rides that are both unique and fun.  Take a break from the traditional roller coaster and enjoy Renaissance-themed rides such as the sea dragon, the carasello or the giant slide.
  8. Games– Try your hand at games of the middle ages.  Test your skill to see if you can master games such as Jacob’s Ladder, Archery or Drench the Wench.
  9. Shopping– The Ohio Renaissance Festival is a chance to peruse and purchase items made by more than 140 artisans.
  10. Mudde Show– Your family will laugh as you watch this hilarious event.  Watch performers as they perform literary classics in the Olympic-sized muditorium.

As you can see, the Ohio Renaissance Festival has something for the whole family.  Located at 10542 E State Route 73 in Waynesville, Ohio, the Ohio Renaissance Festival you’ll experience 400 years of fun in a single day!

Visit the Ohio Renaissance Festival Online to purchase tickets today! Use promo code CVB to save on 2 adult tickets

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