A Safe & Spooky Halloween!

Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet!

Okay, you don’t really have to smell my feet, but Halloween is almost here and sweet sacks of candy is the one thing children dream about more than sugar plums.  If you live in Warren County or the surrounding areas your children are in luck, popular real estate website Zillow.com named the Cincinnati region to their fourth annual Trick or Treat index which ranks the top 20 cities around the country that provide the most candy!  With that distinction, it’s important for you and your children to get the most out of the trick-or-treating experience.  While the kids are enjoying Halloween fun, it’s also important for them to be safe.  That’s why we want to provide you and your children with some tips for fun and safe trick-or-treating this year.

  1. Always carry or wear something that is lit: If you’re neighborhood’s trick or treat takes place in the evening then flashlights, glow bracelets or reflective tape are accessories that make children more visible to other trick-or-treaters and motorists.
  2. Plan Out a Trick-or-Treating Route: It’s best to be familiar with the area you’re children will be trick-or-treating in. They should always have a guardian with them, or avoid areas where they could easily get lost. If you can’t determine a good route or just want to give your children a once in a lifetime experience head over to Kings Island and go trick-or-treating with the Dinos inside the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit.  There are candy stops, pumpkins, prizes and crafts along the path in the 12.5-acre dinosaur park with the world’s largest collection of animatronic dinosaurs.

    The World's Largest Exhibit of Animatronic Dinosaurs at Kings Island

  3. Make sure masks allow for visibility: It’s important that your child’s mask doesn’t limit their vision or peripherals. This is especially important when trick-or-treating in a neighborhood where children must cross the street frequently.
  4. Walk, Don’t Run: While it’s perfectly natural for children to be excited on Halloween, they should avoid running when trick-or-treating.  Certain costumes can limit movement, which make it dangerous to be running at high speeds. Also, cutting across lawns and driveway can cause children to trip over unseen obstacles.  An injury is a quick way to turn a fun-filled Halloween evening into a non-stop cry-athon.
  5. Feed Kids before Trick-or-Treating: By feeding your children a healthy meal before trick-or-treating, it reduces their temptation to devour a month’s-worth of candy in a single night.
  6. Only Trick-or-Treat at well lit houses: Houses that are well lit usually indicate they are inviting trick-or-treaters.  A poorly lit house can hide unseen obstacles that can cause injury. Also, a house that isn’t lit is a good indication that person either isn’t home, or doesn’t want trick-or-treaters knocking on the door.

Be safe this Halloween and enjoy one of the top 20 cities for Trick-or-Treating.  If you have any other helpful safety tips for Trick-or-Treating, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Have a happy and safe Halloween MUUUUHAHAHAHA!!!!


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