Cabin Fever Relief at Lazer Kraze in Mason

Have you ever found yourself dropping off your young son at a ‘laser tag’ birthday party and thinking, ‘Thank goodness I am not in charge of those wild boys?’  Well, I have been that parent and after spending some time at Lazer Kraze in Mason, I have changed my mind.


Lazer Kraze in Mason, Ohio

Being the parent of young, active children, I am constantly trying to find something inexpensive and fun for my kids to do and get out the bottled-up energy they have from being held captive in the house during the cold winter days.   Today was the day.  We were all going to go and let go of some pent-up energy and get some much needed exercise.

When we first arrived we were met by Katie, who gladly rang us up for one game of laser tag each (not knowing how long Lily, my six-year-old, would hold out, we chose just one game).  We were given our team name, ‘Solar’ and waited for the group before us to finish.  After about 4 minutes, were were summoned over the speaker to report to the ‘briefing’ room where Tommy was.  We were fitted with our ‘armour’  and led into another small room.  Four more attendees met us there, two young boys, and their mothers–who looked about as thrilled as I to be doing this.

Tommy reviewed the game and delivered our instructions.  It was clear how we would be divided–they were RED and we were BLUE.  Our first goal: to find their base and destroy it while trying to aim our laser guns at anyone on the opposite team.  At first I made sure the kids were near me while walking the dark paths, up and down the ramps between levels and dodging obstacles in our way.  After getting ‘tagged’ by the other team one too many times, Mom had to make a decision.  I was out to win.

I left the little bambinos behind while running to tag one of the moms who seemed to be tagging me every time my light came back on from the shot before. Dang it!  I was ready.  I tagged them all, got to the RED base and fired a few shots.  I circled back to the kids, who were still standing in the spot I left them 2 minutes before and gave them the instructions.  Josh was assigned to get the moms and Lily was to aim at the boys.  “Pretend they are your brother and just fire away!” I told her.

Me with Josh and Lily at Lazer Kraze

Me with Josh and Lily at Lazer Kraze

After 12 minutes, our time was up and we were all out of breath. I think I was actually sweating.  The other two moms and I decided this was MUCH better than our normal workouts and we may have to try this again!  Although we also stated that only having seven in our group made a huge difference.  The group before us had 27 kids and that would definitely be WAY too many to get a good workout in.

We headed out of the maze and removed our heavy equipment, and went straight toward the counter to grab a post-game snack.  We had our slushies, soft pretzel and $1 nachos in hand.  Now, where to sit?  Although it wasn’t too crowded in the entertainment area, all the tables were somewhat taken with coats, a dad playing his iPad, and a few other persons who were clearly only a ‘ride’ to the establishment.  Two older ladies summoned us to their table and we sat to enjoy our snack.  We patiently waited for Team Solar stats to print and grabbed our copies.  For two first timers and one 10-year-old boy who knew exactly what he was doing, I think we made out pretty well.

All in all we had a great time and accomplished what we needed–a couple of hours out having fun and releasing the bottled up energy. It was great exercise, the staff was friendly, and it was a reasonably-priced afternoon with the kids. Lazer Kraze also has ‘Lazer Maze’ to conquer while you are waiting your turn for laser tag, as well as a selection of video and arcade style. Be sure to contact Lazer Kraze and have them organize a group outing. This is perfect for a Spring Break activity, for days when the weather is off, or just to get the kids out of the house or hotel room for a few hours.


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