Rural King-A Shopping Extravaganza

With all the unique shopping experiences I have encountered, this Warren County, Ohio store is a FIRST.

My husband and I walked into the new Rural King store in Lebanon, Ohio recently and I was in awe at the variety of merchandise. This store truly is one-of-a-kind. We meandered up and down each aisle, and we kept pointing out unique items. Work jeans for $9.99 were a bargain, quality cowboy boots were intricately and colorfully designed, leather chaps, coats and gloves looked heavy and warm and were so soft to the touch.  So I initially thought, okay, this is a western store.Rural King swing

Then the next aisle took me by surprise and I asked my husband what these items were. He was raised on a farm so he explained to me, the “city gal,” about different machines on a farm and how these parts were used for repairing broken equipment. So, maybe it’s a farmer’s store?

Next I thought we were in an auto shop with all the car mats, oil, batteries, and tires. Then we walked through the garden section that featured tillers, mowers and spreaders, bins of different varieties of grass seeds, packages of flower, herb and vegetable seeds, hardy shovels, rakes, and spades.  Being a gardener, I did see some items that caught my eye. The metal A-frame swing made my heart skip a beat!

Several aisles had unique children’s toys such as a John Deere Gator.  Then there was the swimming pool area with chemicals and gadgets to keep a home pool running great, plus items to enjoy while poolside.

Rural King ChicksTowards the back I noticed the animal shelves.  Birds, rabbits, horses, dogs, cats – you name it.  There were displays of food, cages, halters, reins, fencing, bedding, leashes and even live chicks.  The manager informed us the live ducks would be arriving next week.

Then further down we noticed quite an assortment of hot sauces, spices, jalapeno pickled eggs, red beet pickled eggs, lots of jerky, crackers, Amish noodles, gigantic 50 lb. bags of popcorn and 5 gallon cans of popping oil.  There were the normal party items like soda, water and snacks, and we noticed a beer brewing area with stacks of cases of empty beer bottles.

There were aisles of gadgets to update a home including paint, mailboxes and items to make dehydrating, cooking and canning easier.  The grills were quite large with a side to burn charcoal and a side for gas grilling. The one item that really made me blink twice was a camouflage ATV 4X4!Rural King Camo 4x4 ATV

As we headed toward the exit, we browsed the greeting card racks and had a good laugh.

The clerks at Rural King were very friendly and informative, and the variety of products makes this a must-see for locals and visitors alike. I can’t wait to go back and see what I missed the first time through!

After you’ve finished at Rural King, consider visiting the shops in Lebanon, Ohio for another unique shopping experience in Warren County.

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