Over the River & Through the Woods at Ozone Zipline Adventures

Well, you won’t be going to grandma’s house but you will be zipping 1,300 ft across the Little Miami Scenic River and up to 200 ft above the ground! After recently experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime adventure for myself, I must say, Ozone Zipline Adventures is one of the most thrilling and unique experiences that Warren County has to offer! Ranking as the Midwest’s largest zip line canopy tour, Ozone Zipline Adventures is located in beautiful Oregonia, Ohio and is connected with the well-known YMCA Camp Kern. If you’ve never been in Southwest Ohio, there’s no better way to be introduced than by flying through the heart of it while swinging Tarzan style!

Harnessing Up!

Suiting up for Ozone Zipline AdventuresAs we pulled into Camp Kern, my brother and I couldn’t wait to get started on our zip line tour. I have to admit, looking out over the edge at the vast treetop canopy and the beautiful Little Miami Scenic River, feelings of anxiety began kicking in. I realized that in just a few short minutes I would be crossing the river on a single line running through the sky. After meeting the tour guides and signing a few papers, Jared, 6 others, and I were ready to suit up in our harnesses and begin the climb up the main zip line tower also known as The Grand Central Station.

Main zip tower at Ozone Zipline AdventuresWith nerves and excitement leading up to our first zip, all of the Ozone tour guides were very friendly and helpful as some of us stepped into new territory when it came to zip line form and technique. One of the things I was impressed with the most was the attention to detail and precautions that each guide used to ensure the safety of each guest in our group. For people who are already nervous of heights, nothing is more comforting to know that safety is the absolute top priority among the trained staff at Ozone Zipline Adventures. After climbing the tower, we came to the point of no return. Zipping was the only way down. Fortunately, I was able to bring my camera along with me so that I could share a few pictures from our tour with you!

Time to Own the Sky

zip lining in Warren CountyThere’s no greater feeling, or view for that matter, than the one you’ll experience on the river tour at Ozone Zipline Adventures. Stretching out over 1,000 ft across the Little Miami Scenic River, this tour brings river views unrivaled anywhere else in the whole county! The most mouth-dropping view, however, comes just after clearing the canopy and entering the wide open space that leaves nothing between you and the Little Miami Scenic River down below. Since no picture can capture this stunning view, I’ll let you experience it for yourself! At times, I even forgot just how high I really was and found it pretty hard to look down only because of the amazing views on both sides of me. Not only did we get to zip line over the Little Miami Valley, but we also got a nature and history lesson along the way from our tour guides. After completing 9 different lines out of a total of 12, the entire group was definitely left craving for more! Click here for a bird’s eye view of the entire course.

Living Life on the Edge

Ozone Zipline Adventures tourIf you’re not a fan of heights to begin with, you may view a zip line experience as crossing the limit as far as what you’re willing to do. However, I would encourage you to stretch those limits and allow yourself to achieve something you never thought you could. The payoff is worth it and it will be an experience that you’ll never forget!

As we finished our tour and were heading back in a Camp Kern bus, we couldn’t help but relive our experiences in the canopy of the Little Miami Valley. Whatever feelings of nervousness and anxiety that we had before was quickly washed out by the excitement and laughter that our group shared during our time in the trees.

Still not convinced? Check out the video below for a riding view on one of the river lines at Ozone Zipline Adventures!

Rider view of the river tour at Ozone Zipline Adventures

So if you haven’t experienced zip lining for yourself at Ozone Zipline Adventures, what are you waiting for? Use this coupon to reserve your zip line tour today and start making the experience your own!

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