When You Need a Great Pair of Boots

WOW a first – a Country Western Music Festival in Lebanon, Ohio.

I had seen signage displaying a western boot “Stompin’ in the Street”.  This was exciting because Lebanon is known for the fine festivals it brings to town. Now, a Country Western Music Festival was being added to the mix and with all the bands scheduled to play there was expected to be “Dancing in the Streets”.

So my thoughts turned to a matter of great import:  what was I going to wear?  I thought back to my first pair of real cowgirl boots. I had won a bid in an auction and I was awarded a shopping trip to Liberty Western on Cincinnati Avenue in Lebanon to choose my boots.

In case you aren’t familiar with this local gem, Liberty Western has one of the tri-state’s largest selection of boots. It sports 18 name brands and boots for all occasions. There were boots with sparkles and boots with designs and then boots in various colors of leather. That was years ago, but since then, these boots have entered mainstream fashion.

Boot selection at Liberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

Boot selection at Liberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

I decided to return for a visit to Liberty Western to check out their new selection, where I was warmly greeted by Morgan who would assist me in my shopping encounter. I was in awe by all the displays and selections of boots, jeans, shirts, dresses, hats, belts, outerwear, bull riding vests and chaps.

I roamed through room after room going through all the displays.  One whole room was dedicated to clothing and boots for children and babies. I saw the cutest little boots and thought this is a grandparents’ must-see shop.  Little cowgirl onesies hung on the walls along with jeans and jean jackets.  Another room had quite a display ranging from saddles to tack to animal feed. Need a jewelry item for someone special? – Liberty Western has it!

The saddle display at Liberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

The saddle display at Liberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

Liberty Western is known for jeans that fit, flatter and are affordable. The back pocket embellishments were awesome and there were so many designs that screamed bling!  Fashion Tip: back pocket designs have a slimming effect.  Go into your closet and donate all those jeans without back pockets. Then head down to Liberty Western and choose a pair from their great selection.  There are 14 different quality name brands.

Just a sample of the selection of women's denim at LIberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

Just a sample of the selection of women’s denim at LIberty Western in Lebanon, Ohio

Now back to my original intent – shopping for my dance-worthy, envy-inspiring cowboy boots.  As I mentioned, there are many styles from which to choose – a jaw-dropping amount.  So here are some tips I picked up:

1.     Always look for quality when choosing your boots. They should be durable, comfortable, and made of real leather (known to last many years).

2.     Think of your personality and choose a pair that matches it. For me, that means funky, functional, cute, chic, and feminine.

3.     To tuck or not to tuck? In my opinion, if you have a great pair of boots to show off, tuck!

4.     What to wear with your boots? Whatever the imagination dreams up.  Or, pick up any fashion or entertainment magazine for inspiration. Some easy options are shorts, skinny jeans, short skirts, long skirts, or dresses.

Pictures of pocket art, discounts and coupons are located on the Liberty Western Facebook page www.facebook.com/libertywestern.

Check out Liberty Western, www.cowboysource.com.

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