Cobblestone Village Cafe: Gourmet Lunch in a Quaint Atmosphere

Cobblestone 1_Anne Neuville_Blogger

When I decided I was going to Cobblestone Café in Waynesville for lunch, I immediately got on their website and did what I like to do prior to going to any restaurant…stalk the menu!! It gives me a chance to review my options without having the pressure of ordering when I first sit down. I can change my mind, but the ultimate goal is to order with confidence!

Well, after you look at the menu, you will see why I was only able to narrow my options down to FIVE items and had to make a game time decision when I arrived. The menu is glorious. The owners use so many vegetables and herbs from their organic garden (go to the website and read the owners’ bio—it will make you love this place even more) and each entrée sounded as good as the next.

Cobblestone 2_Anne Neuville_BloggerThe décor is cozy and the wait staff is friendly. I ordered the Sweet Potato Soup, which was delicious and really tasted like pureed sweet potatoes. For my entrée, I ordered the mushroom ragu crepes. It was three French crepes stuffed with a roasted mushroom ragu and havarti cheese, and drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar and truffle oil. I cannot explain to you how incredibly flavorful this dish was. It was one of those meals (and we have all had them) that you don’t want to be finished! You can see my before and after pictures and if I was not in public, I would have picked up the plate and licked it. The sauce was like nothing I have had before!Cobblestone 3_Anne Neuville_Blogger

Now let’s talk about the desserts. The dessert menu changes regularly and the day I went, the choices were Key Lime Pie (my absolute favorite dessert ever) Chocolate Lava cake with Vanilla Bean ice cream (probably second all-time favorite), and the Lemon Crème cake. I chose the Lemon Crème because I would not normally choose this. It was a dense lemon sponge cake with an even denser cream frosting. I crushed this too! A nice added touch—they give you a free chai tea with a little scoop of fresh whipped cream that really complimented the dessert.

Cobblestone 5_Anne Neuville_BloggerAfter I was finished, I went next door to the darling shop that is attached. The husband, Rick, runs the restaurant and his wife, Brenda, runs the gift shop. It works for them, and he jokes that the wall dividing the two, neither shall cross over.  He said that they work independently, but it is obvious they really work in tandem. The restaurant and shop both have such a family feel.

Here is my suggestion. Since the food is fresh and delicious, and the shop is upscale with some unique items, make the trip to Waynesville. If you live nearby, frequent the restaurant. If you live further away, make a day of it. Waynesville is a warm, friendly town full of one-of-a-kind shops. It will be worth your while.


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