Discovering Franklin, Ohio

Downtown Franklin

One of the greatest things about living in southern Ohio, in my opinion, would have to be the rich history that can be seen not just in textbooks but also in person. Each historic town has a different story to tell and contributes to the larger picture of Ohio’s history. I had the privilege of visiting the town of Franklin for the day and quickly found out that it was no exception when it comes to the beautiful and friendly southern Ohio.

Franklin Murals

As I entered the town of Franklin driving on Ohio Route 123, I was immediately greeted by a large mural portraying an Ohio bicentennial logo painted on the side of a building. The logo was painted to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Ohio becoming the 17th state to join the union. Not knowing this mural was one of 12 other murals around the town, I got my camera out and snapped a picture thinking I found a hidden gem located on the edge of downtown Franklin. It wasn’t but a few minutes later that I came upon the next mural that seemed even grander than the first. This collection of murals, known as the Franklin Murals, has been a popular attraction over the years for locals and visitors alike.

These murals not only cover sides of buildings, but they also appear three dimensional giving it a realistic facade that can trick even the best of us from a distance. After seeing just two murals thus far, I was determined to get some more Franklin Muralsinformation on who painted them and why. Doing some research from my smartphone definitely called for a pit-stop at the local pizza place. Little did I know, the local pizza place, Pisanello’s, is known as one of the most treasured dining attractions in Franklin, Ohio. I was in for a treat!

Pisanello’s is located in the heart of downtown Franklin and has one of the most unique atmospheres I’ve seen when it comes to a pizza place. As I walked in to take a look at the menu, I noticed another mural painted on the back wall giving this restaurant a true Italian feel. One of the workers told me that Eric Henn was the muralist responsible for the beautiful pieces of art displayed not just all over Franklin, but around the world as well. His inspiring work in the town of Franklin alone is really something to see.

Pisanello's Pizza

Now back to this amazing pizza establishment. I started off with a slice of their classic pepperoni pizza and realized I would be cheating myself if I didn’t try some of their freshly baked bread sticks too. Their single slice of pizza was bigger than I thought and filled me up pretty fast. I must say, it truly was one of the best slices of pizza I’ve had in a long time. Among other items on the menu include sandwiches, salads, wings, and even desserts. With great food and a friendly staff, Pisanello’s quickly became my number one referral for great pizza in Warren County!

JD LegendsAfter filling up my stomach and seeing the remaining Franklin Murals, I drove through the rest of the town as I made my way to the last stop of the day, JD Legends. The scenery was picturesque as I drove down Main Street. Located just a few minutes down the road, JD Legends is one of the hot spots for fun and entertainment in Franklin, OH. With glow-in-the-dark bowling, pool, darts, a full-service restaurant and bar, karaoke and live entertainment, as well as 3 sand volleyball courts, JD Legends is the perfect venue the whole family will enjoy!

Exploring famous artwork, eating some of the best pizza, and enjoying some entertainment at JD Legends ended up being the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in Franklin, Ohio. With still much more of the town to explore, I was left planning out my return visit with more things to do and see.

If you haven’t explored Franklin for yourself, I would definitely recommend the trip. Get the family together and start planning your visit to Franklin, Ohio!

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  2. I grew up in Franklin. I was trying to think of the old movie theater on S. Main St. I went there in the 60’s. Can you help. I went to school with the owner’s son. Thanks

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