Date Night at Valley Vineyards Winery & Brewery

Valley Vineyards

It couldn’t have been a better night for some outdoor grilling as my girlfriend, Lauren, and I made our way down the beautiful country roads of southern Ohio. Valley Vineyards, located in the town of Morrow just off of Ohio State Route 22 & 3, was our dinner date destination for the evening. Every Friday and Saturday throughout the year, including Sundays from July through October, Valley Vineyards hosts their Weekend Cookouts. It was a perfect remedy for a couple like us who are all about grilled food!

Since the weather was on our side that evening, we were able to use the outdoor grilling venue, which was located on the patio just out in front of the main entrance. Our gift certificate for a dinner for two covered our meal as well as a couple of Valley Vineyardsglasses of award-winning wine. Before getting into the delicious menu items and our unique grilling experience, a brief history of Valley Vineyards is only appropriate.

How it all began

Valley Vineyards is family-owned and has a rich family history that began back in 1969 when the vineyard was first planted. It wasn’t long before Ken Schuchter realized the potential of incomparable quality grapes that the Ohio River Valley could produce. But the fertile soil wasn’t the only thing that contributed to a successful family business. Hard work, long hours, and some winemaker’s wisdom have gotten Valley Vineyards to where it is today. The Schuchter family has grown the family business through exceptional customer service, a unique dining experience and, of course, their award winning wines!

White or red wine, steak or salmon?

Valley VineyardsUpon arriving to Valley Vineyards, we were given tickets which allowed us to choose which glass of wine we would be drinking during our meal. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how in the world you would ever decide between such an extensive list of wines. The best part of the experience was the fact that Valley Vineyards gave us the opportunity to partake in a mini wine tasting before making our decision! Lauren went with the sweet red wine, Concord, while I chose their famous semi-sweet white, Vidal Blanc. After selecting our wine for the evening, we then had to decide between the choice of steak or salmon. The taste of a perfectly marinated steak was too hard for either one of us to resist. Fresh salad, green beans, a baked potato, fresh bread, and of course homemade dessert were also a part of our well-rounded meal.

And the grill master was…

Valley VineyardsLauren. But only because I convinced her that I needed to take a few pictures for this blog. I must say, she did a pretty good job grilling our steaks and garlic bread! The outdoor grilling venue was a great time to catch some fresh air as well as meeting other couples and groups who we had the pleasure of grilling with. We even met some folks who were in town visiting all the way from Pennsylvania! Once the meat was grilled to perfection, we headed inside to enjoy the rest of our dinner.

Valley Vineyards has a unique dining atmosphere that can be both romantic and relaxing. The lit candle on our table definitely provided a nice touch as we enjoyed our dinner and conversation. However, our night wasn’t over just yet! What a lot of people don’t know is that Valley Vineyards welcomes their guests to a self-guided tour of their wine cellar so that they are able to see firsthand the quality and care that goes into making their wines. We certainly weren’t going to pass that opportunity up! Seeing all of the equipment as well as the bottling process was very interesting as we walked around the cellar below. Learning about the history of this family-owned establishment was a great way to cap off our date at Valley Vineyards.

Valley VineyardsThere’s certainly no shortage of family-friendly attractions in Warren County, Ohio. Among many of them are Kings Island, The Beach, Great Wolf Lodge, and the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad. But what about dining and attractions for just you and your special someone? Whether your’e looking for a night out without the kids or a romantic dinner date with your partner, Warren County has you covered there too! So call up the babysitter or simply call in your reservation and experience Valley Vineyards, one of Warren County’s unique gems when it comes to local, family-owned dining!

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