Canoeing with Kids on the Little Miami Scenic River

The rain had finally let up and the sun was shining so this family of 5 decided to head out for an adventure at Little Miami Canoe and Kayak with Rivers Edge Outfitters in Waynesville, Ohio. Rivers Edge is located on 42 and is easily accessible. They have clean restrooms for you to change in, and they offer water shoes, cameras and water proofs bags for purchase.

Rivers Edge in Waynesville, Ohio

Rivers Edge in Waynesville, Ohio

The water was high on the day of our trip, and we have three kids with us, so the instructors decided right away that we would do better on a large raft. It was also decided that since this was our first trip down the Little Miami River that we should take the shorter trip, Blue Jackets Best. Trips range anywhere from two hours to all day, depending on what trip you take. Trips leave on the hour, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time—we were told to arrive about half an hour before our trip, which was plenty of time to get situated.

We boarded the bus and were dropped off at the Spring Valley Drop point. Any doubts that I had about taking a raft were quickly diminished—the current was strong and the raft was easy to maneuver with 3 kids on board. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was lush and green.

Canoeing at Rivers EdgeAfter a short time on the river, we decided to find a spot to park and do a little floating in the water, Make sure you bring your water shoes for the trip—it alternates between rocky and sandy in most parts. We found at least 3 spots that we were able to park the raft in a “beach like area”. The kids had a blast with either floating in the water or skipping rocks across the river. Many kayakers were out that day too, which is another option available to guests. Kayaks are also pretty easy for kids to maneuver (10 or older).

The Little Miami Scenic River also has some wildlife. Today was the first time I saw a river otter in open water; we also saw a few snakes (they really are more scared of you than you are of them) and plenty of fish. I am not one to swim in open water, and I was most comfortable in the raft or on the beach, but I still had a wonderful time.

Coming to the end of our trip we ran into a rope swing that someone along the river had set up (use with caution and at your own discretion, of course). The kids all took turns swinging on the rope and I wish that I had a water proof camera at that stop, because seeing my son do this for the first time with no fear was priceless. We were coming to the end of our trip and were surprised to find out that we had been on the water for four hours! It was such a peaceful and relaxing trip.Family Fun Canoeing at Rivers Edge

Regardless of which trip you take, Tecumseh’s Trace (5-7 hours), Kenton’s Run (3-4 hours) or Blue Jacket’s Best (1.5 – 2 hours) you will feel relaxed out in the natural environment, and you can take your time, as long as you are back by 6:30 pm.  Call today and make a reservation—you will not be disappointed!


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