The Secrets of Fall Canoeing on the Little Miami River

The dog days of summer are nearly over, which means that the fall season is quickly approaching. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to put away that swimsuit for the winter just yet. Although Kings Island’s Soak City Waterpark, The Beach, and community pools everywhere have closed up shop for the year, the Little Miami Scenic River is open for exploration all year long! It’s the perfect opportunity for serenity and relaxation as you slowly cut through the smooth water of the Little Miami.

No canoe or kayak? No problem! You can rent all the equipment you need from one of three places located in Warren County (for more info on canoe/kayak rentals, scroll down to the bottom of the page). In fact, fall boat rental hours might be one of Warren County’s best kept secrets when considering the beautiful transitions that can sometimes only be experienced on the Little Miami Scenic River. Most people are unaware that the majority of boat rental businesses stay open during the months of September and October. Here in Warren County, you can plan your canoe trip 7 days a week during the month of September and even through October on the weekends when making a reservation.

If you haven’t gone canoeing in the fall, it’s a completely different experience! In my opinion, autumn canoeing is unrivaled by any other season throughout the year. I’ve listed my favorite reasons why, as well as benefits of canoeing in the fall season, below. I have also provided a few secrets and recommendations that will surely make your fall canoe trip unforgettable!

River Current Speed

Photo by Vicky Boring

Photo by Vicky Boring

If you’ve been on the Little Miami Scenic River during the summer months, you probably recall sections of the river where the current flows at a much faster rate, hence making it pretty difficult to turn a canoe on a dime when weighed down by you, your cooler, other passengers, or even some camping gear. In fact, during certain times of the year and under specific circumstances, the current can be just enough to carry your boat towards the river banks at a surprising speed. Capsizing is also possible, although most occur as a result of sudden movements from the passengers themselves. Unfortunately, my parents can certainly testify to that! Anyway, the point is that the river tends to run slower during the fall months which can be a great time to go for a beginner or someone seeking a little peace and quiet! With that being said, if you’re looking for thrills and chills, you might consider sticking to the peak summer months when the current speed is at its highest.

Less Crowds More Relaxation

We’ve all experienced times when the people around us don’t exactly share the same meaning of relaxation as we do. In fact, during the busy summer months, canoeing on the Little Miami Scenic River can seem anything but relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, canoeing alongside 15 boys out celebrating a bachelor party can make for both a humorous and fun experience on the river. However, there are times when the best river setting consists of just you, your boat, and your favorite book. The best time to experience the serenity of the Little Miami Scenic River is early in the morning when the water resembles a glass-like substance and the only sounds you hear are the ones coming from mother nature herself. During the fall season, it’s certainly not uncommon to find yourself alone on the river!

The Perfect Temperature

One of the best things about a fall canoe trip is without a doubt the comfortable temperature, whether you’re out in the sun or in the shade! Leave the sunscreen at home and experience a refreshing mid 60’s temperature with low UV rays on the Little Miami Scenic River. Enjoy a nice and easy paddle at a slow pace and finish your expedition without breaking a sweat! If you’re out on the river late enough, you might even catch the distinct and pleasant smell of a distant campfire being carried through the cool and crisp air. No sunburn, minimal hydration concerns, and the absence of those annoying mosquitos all make for a care-free weekend getaway in Warren County that feels like a hundred miles from home.

Fall Sightseeing 

The only thing prettier than fresh green leaves that welcome the spring season would be the bright colors and fragrances that define autumn. However, mother nature isn’t the only thing to see during the fall season. Every year, birds begin their annual migration heading south during the winter season. There’s no better time nor place to witness this amazing event than on the Little Miami Scenic River. There’s just something about the cool fall air and the sounds of water and birds chirping that will put you at ease instantaneously. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and digital camera to capture all of the wildlife that you encounter along the way.

It’s almost time to begin your own fall expedition down the Little Miami Scenic River! For more information on canoe rentals, hours of operation, and a map of the river, check out all three boat rental businesses located in Warren County.

Morgan’s Outdoor Adventures: 5701 Ohio 350, Oregonia, OH 45054 (513) 932-7658

River’s Edge Outfitters: 3928 U.S. 42, Waynesville, OH 45068 (937) 903-6468

Little Miami Canoe Rental: 225 Corwin Rd., Oregonia, OH 45054 (513) 899-3616

Although I’ve covered just a few of my favorite things about fall on the Little Miami River, my words will never do justice to the picturesque views of autumn at one of the most serene locations in Warren County. Rather, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

A special thanks goes out to Tony Wilder for sharing some of his photography with me! You can share your Little Miami Scenic River photos with all of our readers too! Just send your photos to and we’ll upload them below! 

Photo taken by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder

Photo by Tony Wilder


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