Traders World: More Than a Flea Market

When I drove past Traders World recently, located on State Route 63 near I-75 in Monroe, I realized I had not been there in years.  Since it is open on Saturdays and Sundays only (and the day after Thanksgiving), I planned a weekend trip.

Traders World has grown from just three buildings with only 250 vendor spaces in 1984, to 16 buildings with 850 spaces inside and 400 spaces outside, totaling 11 acres of fantastic shopping. There is something for the whole family to explore.

Traders World in Warren County, Ohio

Traders World in Warren County, Ohio

Now, let me tell you about our day!

Would you ever dream that you would find the perfect Halloween outfit at Traders World?  All kinds of uniforms are available. You can be a construction worker with all the brightly color reflective shirts, vests and coats. Camouflage wear was readily available. Looking for a Do Rag? Many are available at Traders World. Need a special wig? You guessed it: check out Traders World.

They sell everything – including the “kitchen sink”! We even saw a small forklift for sale, who would have imagined? There’s a barbershop and bridal shop, fresh produce market and so much more. I saw the cutest baby corn hole for the little kids and corn hole bags in every color and print. Now I am thinking holiday gifts for the grandkids. We viewed hand-painted oils, giant dream catchers, vacuum cleaners, comic books, power tools, Tupperware and more. At one point during our day, I lost my husband at a book booth. There were so many options for him to explore!

Outdoor furniture available at Trader's World

Outdoor furniture available at Trader’s World

One building had a furniture store that was HUGE.  Beds, couches, tables and chairs, bar stools just to name a few. We had fun at the outdoor concrete statuary where I observed truck planters in many shapes and sizes, benches and statues.

For those not in the mood to shop many old time cars and buggies are scattered among the buildings.  We saw a 1937 Jaguar! Bringing your little ones along? Take them on a live pony ride!

After you’ve worked up an appetite, browse the variety of food choices and dining areas. Let’s talk about dessert first: Double Dip’s delicious homemade ice cream is worth a try, and there are also signature oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. For the main course, try the “World’s Best Reuben Pizza”, hamburgers, German food, fried chicken, coleslaw, potato wedges, or chicken quesadillas. Are you drooling yet?

My husband and I decided on the piano bar location for lunch, which was full of energy.  After purchasing an “Oktoberfest Dinner” — a mett with pretzel bun, sauerkraut, and German potato salad, along with homemade chicken and dumplings — we sat down at one of the large picnic tables to listen to some music. It was the perfect way to end our trip.

Many thanks to Traders World, for giving us memories, sights and sounds beyond belief. We decided that, located just minutes off of I-75 and I-71 and at only $2 a carload to park, Traders World offers convenient, affordable entertainment for all ages.

Hurry Back to Trader's World

Hurry Back to Trader’s World

Check out some of the shops here, and plan your visit to Warren County and Traders World! This is definitely a shopping extravaganza for all ages. We will need to bring our family and friends and “Hurry Back to Traders World”.

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