High-Flying Adventures in Warren County, Ohio

If you are the adventurous sort, then there is a place in Warren County that might just surprise you — Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville.

If you are an aviation buff or a family looking for something different to explore, check out their annual airshow. Held each Labor Day weekend, the show kicks off late Saturday afternoon and continues into the night with a pyrotechnic night show.  Sundays typically include a taildragger fly-in.  Pilots from throughout the region bring their aircraft and you can get up close and personal.  In fact, some years, there are free flights for kids. My son was fortunate enough to experience this a few years ago.  I am admittedly a bit overprotective when it comes to my son.  I will never forget how excited he was for the flight.  So we signed him up and away he went.  As I climbed a viewing platform, it occurred to me, “I just sent my baby off in a plane with a perfect stranger!”  Obviously, as you can see from the photos, all was well.Red Stewart Airfield Airshow - Plane Ride

Now, when it comes to me, I am a bit of an adventurer.  Roller Coasters?  Check.  Ziplining?  Check.  Hot air balloon ride?  Check.  Glider ride?  Check.  But hold on–a glider ride may sound like it would be slow and smooth, but at Red Stewart Airfield, you can pick your thrill level.  Though I had purchased the flight as a gift for my husband, I was the one clamoring for more thrills.  Stalls, rolls – we did it all and enjoyed every stomach-lurching moment!Glider Rides at Red Stewart Airfield

I recently learned that there are even more options at the airfield.  You can enjoy a ½ hour ride in an open cock-pit Stearman PT17  biplane – again, you choose your comfort level when it comes to the daring moves.  You can also take a full acrobatic ride in a Citabria, which includes rolls, stalls, loops – the works!  If you just want to get a bird’s eye view of Caesar Creek State Park and other wonderful attractions in Warren County, then a scenic flight (accompanies up to 3 people per ride) might be more your speed.

Even though I pass by the airfield quite frequently, I never realized all it had to offer.  Personally, I think it makes a great addition to a trip to Ohio’s Largest Playground!

For even more high-flying adventures try Bella Balloons, which uses Red Stewart Airfield as its launching point for some rides.  And Skydive Warren County is adjacent to the airfield, offering solo, static line, tandem and even accelerated freefall jumps. There are plenty of ways you can soar to new heights in Southwest Ohio.


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