Lazer Kraze – The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience!

If you’re like me, you probably thought that all laser tag arenas offer pretty much the same thing. After visiting Lazer Kraze in Mason, Ohio, I have to admit, I was dead wrong! Just when you thought Lazer Kraze couldn’t possibly get any better, they go and build a brand new, professionally-themed laser tag arena — one of the best I’ve ever seen. This new facility provides a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to provide the biggest thrills for participants of all ages. The fun doesn’t stop there! Lazer Kraze also offers an indoor trampoline arena, 3D glow rooms, Time Freak,  and a state-of-the-art arcade with all the newest games including Mario Kart, Doodle Jump, and more! Did I mention that this facility has an indoor trampoline arena? They even have trampoline Dodge-ball and basketball hoops to execute your favorite dunk on! See some of these activities in action here.

Entrance to Laser Tag ArenaTo be honest, my visit to Lazer Kraze had me feeling like a kid again as I ran around from game to game challenging myself to beat every top score! This new facility had plenty of machines calling my name but, the one calling that I couldn’t resist led me straight into the multi-level laser tag arena. I mean let’s face it, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the giant, air-sealed doors that appear as if they are separating earth from a galaxy somewhere far away?

The Briefing

After much anticipation, I, along with nine other friends, was ready to battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights! Our group was divided into two teams of five and we were instructed to head into the briefing room where a member of the Lazer Kraze staff gave us specific instructions about our mission and some arena rules. Our task was to invade the opposing team’s home base in a capture-the-flag-like style gaming format! Once the mission and general rules were given, the smack talk and stare-downs between the two teams began!

The Vesting Room

The Vesting Room

Tensions rose as each team suited up in their vests and grabbed their phaser guns. Last minute stretches and words of advice were taken by each team member before being released into the arena. A total of ten of us would enter the arena that day but only one would leave as the Lazer Master. HERE WE GO!

The Arena

After my eyes adjusted from the never-ending maze brightly lit with neon colors, I had just seconds to find my hiding spot before mission control would announce the beginning of the game. Music began to play, blood began to pump, and our vest/phaser guns suddenly activated by lighting up with our team’s color. “GET READY, GO!” I ran around that arena like a mad man tagging everything in sight! Even my own teammates occasionally received some friendly fire.

The ArenaAlong with tagging the opposing team’s base, each player was also able to receive Power-Ups which were awarded when a player tagged specific targets throughout the arena. Power-Ups included Invincibility, Stealth Mode, Rapid Fire, and Shields. I made sure to tag as many as I could to give my team all the help we could get. Time was almost up as we made a run for the opposing team’s base one last time.

Mission Results

Once play ended in the arena and all equipment was returned, we were escorted outside the arena to the mission results area. There, we were given scorecards with all of our rankings and in-game statistics. The amount of stats we were able to see was pretty impressive. What wasn’t impressive, however, was seeing my last place ranking on the losing team. Overall, our experience was top-notch and it was clear that our battle stories probably wouldn’t stop for a good couple of days. As our adrenaline slowly resided, there was only one thing left to say: PIZZA time!

Experience it for Yourself!

Lazer Kraze Arcade

Lazer Kraze is one of the premier party and gaming facilities in all of Southwest Ohio! Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks so. Lazer Kraze has won several awards over the past few years including Best of Parenting by Cincinnati Family Magazine, Best of NKY by NKY Magazine, Best of the North by Cincy Magazine and Best of the City by Cincinnati Magazine.  It makes for a great indoor activity for families wanting to escape the hot sun, rain, or snowy days when visiting Warren County, Ohio’s Largest Playground.


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