Hidden Treasures in Springboro, Ohio

Nestled north of Cincinnati and south of Dayton in Warren County, Springboro, Ohio, is known for its history and involvement with the Underground Railroad.  This is a must-see journey for history buffs.  Recently, however, I was on a different type of journey. I decided it was time to see the unique shops and cafes that Springboro has to offer. 

Heather's Cafe located on S Main St. in Springboro, Ohio

Heather’s Cafe located on S Main St. in Springboro, Ohio

First stop of any quest is food — energy for the ride.  I had lunch at the beautiful Heather’s Café. In warmer months, guests can eat and drink on the gorgeous, peaceful garden patio. I’d heard great things about their overstuffed sandwiches, so I decided to order the Sassy Leu. My sandwich consisted of turkey, avocado, lettuce and chipotle sauce. It was colorful, large and full of flavor. While I ate, I looked over the list of stores in town, which you can download here. Many of the chic shops were once homes built in the 1800’s, reminding me again of the history that surrounds us in this area of Southwest Ohio.

So, I was fueled, well-read and ready to explore. My first stop, Magnolias on Main, was originally a general store for the sons of Jonathan Wright. Near the street is a large stepping stone. The carriages would pull up to that stone so the ladies would not get their shoes dirty. Today this building is an exquisite boutique. Entering the building I noticed many jewelry displays, but then my eyes jumped to the fancy, unique scarves. My love for scarves started in a boutique in California, in which the clerk explained how to creatively loop and twist a scarf for a variety of looks.

Whispering from the front corner, “Come check me out”, were brightly colored, patterned coats by Mycra Pac.  Each had a purse and the magic of this is that the coat is reversible to a black inside and folds up to the size of the purse.  Upon further inspection, I found the large cowl collar actually unfolds into a hood.  So what we have is an all-weather, wrinkle free, compactable coat fancy enough for a black tie event and the right size for travel. And they come in four lengths! This will go onto my wish list.

Magnolia's on Main in Springboro, Ohio

Magnolia’s on Main in Springboro, Ohio

The two clerks at Magnolia’s were very informative, and told me so many stories.  Did you know that the brand Joseph Ribkoff, Canadian made garments, are sponsors of the Miss America Contest?  These washable, non-wrinkling outfits are worn by the reigning Miss America in her travels. I am stocking up here when I plan my next trip.

Want the perfect pair of leggings, need that little black outfit for a special event, or to add a belt or jewelry to that “out of the ordinary outfit” – then Magnolias on Main is the place to go.

By buying an Alex and Ani (+) ENERGY charm bracelet, made in America, I can help girls in the developing world out of poverty. Each bracelet comes with a card inspiring the receiver. For example: “Because I am a girl, I am born to nurture. I am born to love. I am instinctual and perfectly in tune with nature. I am born to achieve. I am capable. I am brave. I am born to inspire others and I am a blessing to the world”. Sounds like a great gift for a girl. Other jewelry lines arriving at the store include Lotti Dotties, Ginger Snaps and Poesy.

Eco Chic in Springboro, Ohio

Magnolia’s on Main in Springboro, Ohio

Crossing the street, I entered Eco Chic which houses vintage, ecological, made in America items. Maybe there is something you saw on Pinterest or you are considering a special item for your wedding, like a bird cage to house all the wedding cards. Eco Chic is a great place to begin your search, and is well worth checking out.

For me, every shopping experience involves a search to find the best dark chocolate bark in the world.  Since 1894 Freisinger’s Candy Factory has been making fine chocolates and candies. In the Springboro shop, I could actually see the candy being made.  Upon making my purchase the clerk asked what free sample I wished to taste. Now that is customer service!

Looking for something to do with ages 2-100? Paintbrush Pottery is just the place. I organized my own birthday party some years ago including my husband, children and mother. We all painted a piece or two and had a great, creative time. Just seeing that special piece of painted pottery brings back those memories.

I decided another day trip to Springboro would round out what this town has to offer. Lovely’s Farm Market and Country Café was highly recommended.  Owners Robin and Steve were so friendly.  Robin, a teacher, opened a card table stand in 1985 to sell homegrown produce and fresh picked sweet corn.  Once Steve learned the secret to the “Best Fried Chicken” the café was opened. Besides all the fabulous homemade fresh sides and the ultimate corn muffins I gazed upon fudge, ice cream and the most delicious-looking fresh pies. I left before the Amish delivery, which is every Thursday afternoon, and includes fresh baked breads and bakery items.  Lovely’s is a seasonal establishment so check out their website for information. After providing your fresh cut Christmas tree, Robin and Steve hibernate till May.

Friesinger's Fine Chocolates in Springboro, Ohio

Friesinger’s Fine Chocolates in Springboro, Ohio


For even more shopping fun in Springboro, The Market Place at Settlers Walk has everything a visitor may need from restaurants to jewelers, fitness to spas, dry cleaners to dog washes, auto service to pharmacies. Dorothy Lane Market is a very unique store with a community room for that special event, customer resource department that will answer your questions on nutrition, cooking or recipes, a Kids Club with special activities for ages 10 and under, and Jack’s Grill that will cook your purchased meat or fish, to mention just a few of their special services.

Springboro has so much to explore. I know I’ll be back! 




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