Your Two-Day Itinerary for Outdoor Adventures in Warren County

Whether you’re looking to hike, bike, zip line, camp or canoe, Warren County offers numerous ways to explore the outdoors! With terrains varying from steep ravines and scattered woodlands to the Little Miami Scenic River, it’s no wonder people travel from all over the country to Southwest Ohio each year. You might be thinking that there are too many options from which to choose. In fact, I’d recommend taking a couple of days just to experience some of the best adventures that Warren County has to offer! Below is a jam-packed, two-day itinerary taken from some of my favorite personal adventures as well as other suggestions for you to try on your own trip.

Day One

Morning: My buddy and I decided to start things off with a trip down the Little Miami Scenic River by canoe/kayak. It was pretty cool to discover early settlements of the ancient Hopewell Indian tribe who made the Little Miami Valley their home thousands of years ago. We had an absolute perfect day as we embarked on a six-mile trip which typically lasts anywhere from three to four hours. We made sure to make pit stops along the way to enjoy a refreshing swim and some relaxation in the sun. Packing our lunches in the canoe turned out to be a great idea since it didn’t take long for either of us to realize we were starving! After all, we knew we would need plenty of energy for the afternoon’s adventures! For information on canoe & kayak rentals, visit Ohio’s Largest Playground’s water adventures page here.

Canoeing down the Little Miami Scenic River

Afternoon: Our exploration continued with a visit to Caesar Creek State Park for some afternoon hiking. With more than 5,000 acres of land and more than 2,700 acres of water, Caesar Creek State Park offered some of the best outdoor recreation without having to drive very far. During our hike, we witnessed some beautiful views of Caesar Creek Lake as well as passing through waterfalls and springs along the way. We decided to add some Ohio history to our hike by taking the trail all the way to Caesar Creek Pioneer Village where we discovered early Ohio settlements. Approximately 20 log buildings have been preserved on the property with the oldest dating back to 1793! For a list of hiking trails including trail maps, visit the Caesar Creek State Park website here.

Hiking in Caesar Creek State Park

Evening: By evening, we were pretty exhausted from all the hiking and rowing we did earlier in the day and decided to do some fishing before dinner. While looking for a good spot to fish, we were amazed by the amount of shoreline to choose from on Caesar Creek Lake. We definitely learned that sometimes the best way to enjoy the outdoors is to just be still and quiet and listen to the sounds of nature. For dinner, we visited the town of Waynesville which is located just outside of the state park and enjoyed a specialty pizza from Bentino’sIf you’re not too worn out from your trip’s adventures, I would recommend exploring the numerous antique shops located on Waynesville’s famous Main Street.

Day Two

Crossing over the Little Miami River at Ozone Zipline Adventures

Crossing over the Little Miami River at Ozone Zipline Adventures

Morning: After canoeing down the Little Miami Scenic River the day before, we decided it was time to soar above it! Our visit to Ozone Zipline Adventures was one of the coolest experiences and offered some of the most unique views of the river. Our river canopy tour sent us breezing through and above the canopy of the Little Miami River valley. Not only was it the thrill of a lifetime, but it also offered an educational aspect by giving us insights into everything from 500-million-year-old fossils to 2,000-year-old Native American earthworks! Even though neither of us were scared of heights, it was a pretty daunting task to send ourselves jumping off platforms and heading into the forest. By the time we zipped across our last line, we were both still pumping with adrenaline! Depending on which zip line tour you choose, I would recommend giving yourself anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete the course. For more information on Ozone Zipline Adventures, including tour options, reservations and frequently asked questions, visit them online here.

Dinner and dessert at the Village Ice Cream Parlor

Afternoon: Our zip line canopy tour left us pretty hungry. I remembered hearing about a café in the town of Lebanon that was pretty popular among the locals called Village Ice Cream Parlor. We were definitely in the mood for a hamburger and some ice cream for dessert! After trying their award-winning hamburger, we indulged ourselves with banana splits and waffle cones. We also learned some history about this historic town and even saw some original homes that dated back to the 1800’s. I recommend visiting the Golden Lamb Inn – the oldest continuously operating business in the State of Ohio, which has hosted 12 U.S. Presidents!

Time to make an itinerary of your own! For more outdoor exploration in Warren County, Ohio, visit


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