Eco-Friendly Adventures in Warren County


Featuring more than 40,000 acres of land designated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Warren County is home to a number of environmentally-friendly tourist attractions. From its 60-plus miles of hiking trails to its 2,500 acres of lake water, Ohio’s Largest Playground has plenty to offer outdoorsy adventurers.  Hike, boat or zip line over the beautiful Little Miami Scenic River, or discover Ohio’s ancient history by digging for archaeological treasures and observing unique geological formations at Caesar Creek State Park.  Whatever your pleasure, wilderness and wildlife galore are waiting to be explored in Warren County!

Here are five of our favorite eco-friendly attractions.

Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve

Nothing says “eco-friendly” like 2,000 years of  natural history. If you enjoy learning about early exploration, cultures, and artifacts, Fort Ancient is right up your alley! While the site’s mounds and earthworks are enough to impress any passerby, the museum’s artifacts and visuals tell the unbelievable story of the early settlers who claimed the Little Miami Valley as their home. Who were these people and how did they manage to construct  the enormous plots of earth surrounding the preserve? The answers are waiting to be discovered inside the museum and along the 2,000-year-old man-made walls that stretch for miles atop the Little Miami River Valley. Read more here.


Fort Ancient


Caesar Creek State Park

Warren County is home to some of the most beautifully preserved hiking trails in the state, but before you explore too far into Caesar Creek State Park,  it’s always best to plan out your trip with a park map. There you can locate the best fishing spots, campgrounds, dog training areas, archery ranges and more. Once covered by vast seas, and later by glaciers, the Ohio Valley features numerous fossils that provide a glimpse of Southwest Ohio’s history. Caesar Creek State Park also offers a public collection site for fossils believed to be 450-500 million years old! Be sure to visit the Caesar Creek State Park Visitor Center for helpful  information including forecasts and local alerts before beginning your exploration. Whether you like to hike, walk, fish, boat, horseback ride, or camp, Caesar Creek State Park has something for everyone! Read more here.


Caesar Creek Lake


Little Miami Scenic River

Experience Southwest Ohio as our ancestors once did with a trip down the Little Miami Scenic River. No motor, no pollution and, perhaps best of all, no noise! Discover for yourself why the Little Miami is one of the 10 best scenic rivers in the country. Whether you choose to navigate it by canoe, kayak, or raft, the river’s excellent water quality, gentle current and abundant wildlife make it one of the region’s premier recreational waterways for both beginners and more experienced adventurers. Warren County also caters to anglers and boaters!  Read more here.




Little Miami Scenic Trail

Rich with rolling hills, luscious trees, and diverse wildlife, Warren County’s Little Miami Scenic Trail perfectly captures the natural beauty of this area of  Ohio nestled between Dayton and Cincinnati. Whether you choose to walk, run, roller blade, bike, or even horseback ride along the 75-mile trail, you’ll be treated to plenty of shade, as well as numerous opportunities to stop and explore unique destinations along the route. Venture 5 miles or 35…it’s all up to you! Read more here.




Ozone Zipline Adventures

If you’ve never been to Southwest Ohio, there’s no better way to be introduced to the region than by swinging Tarzan style right through its heart! One of the Midwest’s largest canopy tours, Ozone Zipline Adventures is located in beautiful Oregonia, Ohio, where it is closely affiliated with the YMCA’s Camp Kern. Stretching high above the Little Miami Scenic River, this sky-high tour treats visitors to incredible river views, unrivaled nationwide! The most jaw-dropping view comes just after clearing the canopy and entering a wide open space that leaves nothing between you and the river below. No photo could ever do it justice, so you will just have to experience it for yourself! Read more here.




Do mother nature — and yourself — a favor and check out these five eco-friendly options next time you visit Warren County – Ohio’s Largest Playground!


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