Love it Like a Local: The View From Fort Ancient

Jack Blosser, Site Manager, has been with Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve for nearly 27 years and is responsible for the day to day operations, educational programs, special events, and student tours. Since Jack plays such an integral role at one of the area’s oldest attractions, we wanted to get his take on what makes Warren County the perfect relaxing getaway.  We started close to home.

Inside of a reproduced Hopewell shelter

Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve – Oregonia, Ohio

What makes Fort Ancient uniqueFort Ancient is the largest and best preserved 2,000 year old prehistoric hilltop enclosure in the United States. Over the last seven years, the Ohio History Connection, the National Park Service, The Dayton Society of Natural History, and the United Nations Educational and Scientific Committee Organization (UNESCO) have been working to inscribe Fort Ancient and six other Hopewell earthwork sites in southern Ohio on the World Heritage List. This would place Fort Ancient on the same level as the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Statue of Liberty, and 1,000 other sites in 180 countries throughout the world that are deemed as global destinations.

Where is your favorite place to relax in Warren County? Because I live on the grounds at Fort Ancient, my favorite place to relax is in my back yard. I will sometimes take a lawn chair and sit outside facing the east and listen to the bugs and watch the night sky. A simple walk in the woods can be very enjoyable.

Where is your favorite place for fun or adventure in Warren County? I like to take my grandchildren on ”adventures” through the woods and ravines at Fort Ancient. I stick close to the Little Miami River.  Wading in the river or walking the creek beds with my family is awesome.

Where is your favorite place to dine? I guess that depends upon what mood I am in or what I am celebrating. If I am entertaining someone who is not a resident of the county, or enjoying a special date night, I like to go to the Patriot Steak House and Tavern in Lebanon. (Note: The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern unfortunately closed as of June, 2015)

Lebanon, Ohio

Where do you recommend friends/family visit in Warren County? I tell family and friends to visit places that are unique to Warren County, like Lebanon or Waynesville if they like a relaxed, antique shopping atmosphere. For friends who like to get out for an adventure, I recommend one of the area canoe rentals, the scenic “multipurpose” trail below Fort Ancient, and Ozone Zipline Adventures. For an intimate, yet entertaining evening I suggest Springboro’s LaComedia Dinner Theater. My slogan is, ”There is so much to do in one day, you will just have to stay one more day in Warren County.”

La Comedia – Springboro, Ohio

What makes Warren County Unique? Warren County is progressive, yet still maintains its rich historic treasures. The architecture of the various downtown areas is amazing. The city of Lebanon works to maintain an elegant and friendly atmosphere, while still providing upbeat events such as Blues Fest and 3rd Friday on Mulberry. Best of all is that in many places, a hand shake is still your word. People are still friendly, and often still say hello when passing on the street. Where else can you find this?

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