Love it Like a Local: Waynesville

Little Red Shed – Waynesville, Ohio

Bill Stubbs is the co-owner of Little Red Shed Antiques in Waynesville along with his wife Marilyn and sister Yvonne Bradstreet.  The store is a 2nd generation family business.  Bill’s mother and father, Opal and Cap Stubbs, started the Little Red Shed in 1967 in–you guessed it–a little red shed located behind their funeral home. In 1969, the store moved to its current downtown location.  I can personally attest to the ever-changing variety of items offered there – glassware, furniture, pottery, jewelry, artwork, books, and more – as I have been shopping at the Little Red Shed for more than 30 years!

Museum at the Friends Home - Waynesville, Ohio

Museum at the Friends Home – Waynesville, Ohio

In addition to operating the antique shop, Bill also serves on the Board for the Museum at the Friends Home.  The Museum features 22 rooms of historic exhibits that highlight a local community or an aspect of early Quaker life. Bill and his wife have lived in Warren County all of their lives, and feel that there is no better place to live. We also know that over the years, Bill has met his fair share of visitors, so we wanted to know…

What questions do shoppers/tourists most ask about the area?  We get a lot of questions about the history of the area and about the different buildings and people of Waynesville. Many of our customers enjoy the historic appearance of our town and feel that it adds to their overall enjoyment.

Caesar Creek State Park – Waynesville, Ohio

Where is your favorite place to enjoy time with family in Warren County? We often take our great-grandchildren to the visitor center at Caesar Creek State Park. The kids enjoy the movies, displays, turtles and fish, and they like to play on the playground. They also enjoy a trip to Irons Fruit Farm to play and buy fresh cider, apples, and more.

Where do you recommend friends/family visit when in Warren County?  We highly recommend the many fine restaurants in Waynesville and also the Golden Lamb in nearby Lebanon. We encourage people to go to the Caesar Creek area and all the other fine recreational spots in Warren County.

Cobblestone Cafe - Waynesville, Ohio

Cobblestone Cafe – Waynesville, Ohio

What are some of your favorite spots to unwind? We are very fortunate in Waynesville to have many fine restaurants. We often eat at the Cobblestone Café, the Village Family Restaurant, Stone House Tavern and the Hammel House Inn. We also like the Greek Pizza at Bentino’s.

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