Sweet Treats of Warren County

Sweet tooth. It can strike from anywhere at any time. Fortunately, in Warren County, Ohio, we’re well prepared to satisfy. Home to a bevy of rich, creamy creations, Ohio’s Largest Playground has all of the culinary makings of a dessert lover’s dream come true. Treat yourself to one (or more) of these locally-loved confections, voted among the region’s very best by Warren County locals.

Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory - Lebanon, Ohio

Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory – Lebanon, Ohio

Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory
Warren County’s answer to Willy Wonka, the Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory has been churning out award-winning fudge, truffles, caramel bars and–of course–turtles from it’s Historic Downtown Lebanon headquarters since 1988. Pick up a pack for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, or–everyone’s favorite chocolate occasion–just because!

Patriot Steakhouse’s Messy Sundae
Lebanon’s Patriot Steakhouse may be better known for its grilled-to-perfection steaks and burgers, but don’t make the mistake of passing up dessert. Affectionately termed The Messy Sundae, Patriot’s ice cream concoction is sure to hit the sweet spot. (Note: The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern unfortunately closed as of June, 2015)

Main Street Sweets & Popcorn - Mason, Ohio

Main Street Sweets & Popcorn – Mason, Ohio

Main Street Sweets & Popcorn
A sugar lover’s standby nestled in the heart of downtown Mason, Main Street Sweets serves up an incredible variety of  homemade candy and confections. Whether you opt for a bag or tin of their trademark flavored popcorn, or slice into a Ghiradelli-smothered chocolate pizza (yes, you read that correctly), you’re in for a serious treat.

Village Family Restaurant’s Peanut Butter Pie
Peanut butter is good. Pie is even better. So, how’s the Village Family Restaurant’s Peanut Butter Pie? Just as great as it sounds. Stop in for a slice at the popular Waynesville eatery and see for yourself.

Cobblestone Cafe, Waynesville, Ohio

Cobblestone Cafe, Waynesville, Ohio

Cobblestone Cafe’s Orange & Cream Cake
Something heavenly happens when fruit meets cream, and Waynesville’s Cobblestone Cafe knows that full well. Citrusy and sweet, their Orange and Cream Cake is as refreshing as it is rich. Call ahead to make sure it is on the menu, as it is seasonal. However, don’t fret if it’s not.  Their pastry chef cooks up a wide variety of sweet goodness.

Hammel House Inn’s Strawberry Shortcake
Located just minutes from Village Family Restaurant and Cobblestone Cafe, Hammel House Inn continues the trend of delicious Waynseville desserts with its own original take on strawberry shortcake. Featuring homemade sugar biscuits, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, a special strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries piled high, it’s a down home classic not to be missed. It too is a seasonal special, but there are always plenty of other great treats to choose from throughout the year.

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