Warren County’s Best Bets for Barbecue

Savory, sweet and always satisfying, barbecue has long been regarded as a staple of American cuisine. From St. Louis to Raleigh, Memphis to Oahu, the slow-smoked and deliciously seasoned delicacy has taken a foothold nationwide, often varying widely in flavor from region to region. Looking to sample Southwest, Ohio’s BBQ fare? Here are just a few of the barbecue creations hitting plates in Warren County.

Barbecue Trio at Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern - Lebanon, Ohio

Barbecue Trio at Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern- Lebanon, Ohio

Barbecue Trio – The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern, Lebanon
A barbecue bonanza sure to appease any meat lover’s appetite, The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern’s Barbecue Trio features barbecued ribs, barbecued chicken and barbecued shrimp–all on one plate. Did someone say leftovers? (Note: The Patriot Steakhouse & Tavern unfortunately closed as of June, 2015)

Ribs – Wildflower Cafe, Mason
Dry rubbed and smoked to perfection, the half racks of ribs at downtown Mason’s Wildflower Cafe & Coffee House are served with a sweet, sticky house barbecue sauce, white cheddar grits and seasonal vegetables, some of which are grown right on site. “I’m not even a big pork lover, but I absolutely love these,” says our very own Carol Monnin. “They are full of tender meat and simply delicious.”

Stone House Tavern Sign 1

Stone House Tavern – Waynesville, Ohio

Pulled Pork Sandwich – Stone House Tavern, Waynesville
Piled high, soaked in a sweet, yet tangy sauce, and topped with a generous serving of coleslaw, Stone House Tavern’s take on the always popular pulled pork sandwich is among the Waynesville eatery’s most delectable dishes. As for its size? In the words of our own Jessica Lewis, “It’s the perfect size. And by perfect, I mean too big to finish.”

Barbecue Chicken Pizza – Aponte’s Jersey Style Pizzeria, Mason
It’s simple math, really. Pizza + Barbecue = Amazing. While they weren’t the first to explore the now popular culinary mash-up, downtown Mason’s Aponte’s Jersey Style Pizzeria puts its own unique spin on the Barbecue Chicken Pizza, topping its pies with homemade barbecue sauce, feta, tomato, alfredo sauce, mozzarella, and plenty of mouthwatering chicken.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit - Lebanon & Mason, Ohio

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – Lebanon & Mason, Ohio

Local Chains for BBQ Lovers
With locations in both Mason and Lebanon, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit serves slow-cooked, pit smoked brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, ham and sausage in short order fashion, making it an ideal stop for the on-the-move meat lover. Piled high and served with pickle and onion, its mouthwatering, piping hot sandwiches can also be paired with an impressive variety of down home side dishes. Namely, some of the gooiest, cheesiest, most delectable mac ‘n cheese you’ll ever find, and an equally tasty mashed potato casserole.

Nearby, both LaRosa’s Pizzeria and Jet’s Pizza get in on the BBQ chicken pizza trend with tasty results. Located in Mason, Maineville and Lebanon, LaRosa’s offers a seasonal barbecue pizza, topped with Cincinnati’s famous Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce and your choice of chicken or pulled pork. Jet’s, meanwhile, treats its guests in Mason and Springboro to a deep dish pie bursting with grilled chicken, red onions, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for some finger-licking BBQ fun, look no further than Rooster’s Wings in Springboro. Home to hand-breaded, over-sized BBQ chicken wings, a tasty barbecue burger, a grilled barbecue chicken sandwich, and a BBQ chicken pizza, it’s a delicious–and messy– barbecue experience not to be missed. Just take it from our in-house wing guru, Dan Keltner, who says, “If you don’t need to wash up after Rooster’s, you didn’t do it right.”

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