Bright Lights and Great Bites at La Comedia Dinner Theatre

Guest Blogger: Amy McKee

Among Southwest Ohio’s seemingly endless array of family and grown-up-friendly attractions, few are as unique or awe-inspiring as Warren County’s iconic dinner theater, La Comedia.

A production of 'The Little Mermaid' at La Comedia Dinner Theatre | Springboro, Ohio

‘The Little Mermaid’ at La Comedia Dinner Theatre | Springboro, Ohio

Conveniently accessible, yet tucked deep enough into the fold to avoid the hustle and bustle of Cincinnati-Dayton traffic, La Comedia stands as one of the nation’s largest remaining true dinner theaters, and an absolute gem of Ohio’s Largest Playground.

What makes the Springboro standby such a can’t-miss experience? It all starts with the theater’s architecture. Though expertly upheld and modernly equipped, La Comedia has operated out of the same beautiful facility since 1975, and simply exudes old-time charm. Also second-to-none is the theater’s service staff, which greets guests with smiling faces and escorts them to their tables where small snacks await in advance of a delicious dinner buffet.

A wide variety of foods are offered at La Comedia Dinner Theatre's buffet | Springboro, Ohio

La Comedia Dinner Theatre’s buffet  | Springboro, Ohio

Each dinner starts with La Comedia’s signature salad, featuring a homemade papaya-based dressing that’s sweet enough to appease even the youngest in a party, but not overwhelming. Additional dinnertime standouts include signature dishes like their sweet potato soufflé, which is well known throughout the region for its bright flavor and contrasting crunch. A rotating selection of  meats is also available each night. Described by a 10-year-old guest at my table as “perfecter than perfect”, the theater’s mashed potatoes are among the best I’ve ever tasted. Classic mixed drinks, a full beer and wine selection, and numerous signature beverages, some of which can be served sans alcohol, round out the dinner experience.

Once dinner has wrapped up and stomachs have settled, the real entertainment gets underway. Broadway-style productions, starring handpicked actors and actresses from across the nation, get everyone in attendance singing, laughing and watching in awe as unbelievably crafted costumes and set designs bring film, television, literature and theater’s most beloved stories to life.

'South Pacific' at La Comedia Dinner Theatre | Springboro, Ohio

‘South Pacific’ at La Comedia Dinner Theatre | Springboro, Ohio

To put it simply, La Comedia’s unique combination of the theatrical and culinary arts makes it a fantastic destination for any family, friend or date night outing. Be sure to make it a part of your plans next time your travels take you to Southwest Ohio.

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