Kings Island: Fun for the Whole Family

With school letting out early this year, we decided to celebrate by breaking in our Kings Island Season Passes. Every year that we get them, there is such anticipation to see how tall the kids are and what they are going to branch out and ride for the first time. We were not surprised to find that with the kids being 54” tall, they were able to ride all the rides this year.  This was exciting and nerve racking, because we have a thrill seeker and a more cautious child in our family. Thankfully, Kings Island can accommodate both.

Eiffel Tower at Kings IslandOn the way to the park, as we played our game of “spot the Eiffel tower”, it was a unanimous decision that we would start off in Planet Snoopy and hit our favorite rides. Woodstock Express was first up for us. What I love about these rides is that I have options — the kids can ride together (height requirements on most rides) and I can watch or ride if I choose (I always choose to ride). The kids got bold and rode in the front row. I love the anticipation of riding the first ride of the season and watching other guests’ reactions getting on the rides. I let the kids ride together as I sat behind them, and up the first hill we went. We always make sure to find the camera so we can make the silliest faces possible. This ride is good for most kids ages 3 and up. When I was little, this was called the “Little Beastie”. With our riding jitters out of the way, we were ready to move through the park.

We downloaded the Kings Island app this year, which is great when you are going with family and friends and everyone is going different directions. The app has a friend finder, allowing everyone to sync their smart phones to locate each other in the park. Also on the app is a GPS map so that you are able to see where you are in the park and where you want to head next. Our next stop was Flying Ace Aerial Chase, which is great for everyone — thrill seeker and cautious alike.

Kids at Kings IslandSomething new this year, of which we took advantage, is the 2013 souvenir bottle. You can buy it for around $9.99 and receive free refills the entire day on the day the cup is purchased. When you return for future visits, refills are only 99 cents! Also new this year is the Reds Hall of Fame Grille — great for baseball fans like us. If you get a chance to eat in the park, you should. And if you are a fan of LaRosa’s pizza – a local favorite — you absolutely need to eat it in the park.  There is something about LaRosa’s at Kings Island that makes it taste even better than at the restaurants.

We continued on our adventures and rode all of our favorites like the Back Lot Stunt Coaster, the Zephyr, the Monster, and the Scrambler. My son decided that he would venture out by racing my daughter and me on the Racer. At this point, I realized my son was turning into a roller coaster junkie — and it was awesome!  He chose the red and we took the blue, and we trash talked each other every chance we got going up the first hill. Unfortunately, he won and we had to hear about it most of the day.

Kids on the Scrambler

Our next stop was the Wind Seeker, which none of us had ridden before. I have to admit that being 30 stories up in the air was not something I was looking forward to, but I was not going to let my kids see my hesitation. They, of course, thought it was the coolest thing to sit in the swings and stick your hands out and come as close to flying as you possibly can. (The jury is still out for me!)

As our day was coming to a close, I could see that my son was contemplating riding a BIG ride before we left the park. As we got off the Viking Fury, he said, “Mom I am ready, let’s go tackle the Beast!!” I was thrilled and before he could change his mind we got in line. My daughter wasn’t sure she wanted to ride and though I told her she didn’t have to, she was not going to let her younger brother show her up. As we got closer and closer to our turn, I could see the anxiety building and I thought for sure that they would opt out. Since the park was about to close, it was pitch black dark, so they could not see the hills or the ride at all. We got on and away we went. I thought I would get two thrill seekers after riding the beast… I still only have one.

kids at Kings IslandWhether you are young or young at heart, Kings Island has something for everyone. With the Soak City water park next door, you get 2 great parks for one price which is awesome on those really hot summer days. We love our adventures at Kings Island and each time we go our hope is that we will find something new that we will enjoy. We’re never disappointed.

Written by guest blogger, Anna Frasure

What’s your favorite Kings Island experience?


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