La Comedia Dinner Theater Warren County, Ohio

If you are looking to have some fun, want a GREAT meal with GREAT service, and see a GREAT play all under the same roof, then La Comedia Dinner Theater in Springboro, Ohio is a must-do for you!!

I had heard about La Comedia over the years, but just thought dinner theater consisted of a play and dinner. I guess I would say I went in with low expectations. After getting on their website (, which PS is an excellent website) I found everything I needed. The current menu, the play, directions, ticket sales, etc. are included.

Nine to Five runs through April 28.

Nine to Five runs through April 28.

Upon arrival, we just gave our names and they seated us immediately. They run a well-oiled machine. The friendliest waiter introduced himself, told us how the buffet process went, took our drink order and then promptly brought us a salad that was so delicious I could have licked the plate!!! It was their own Papaya Chutney dressing on the salad, which consisted of greens, sesame croutons, alfalpha sprouts and cantaloupe.

La Comedia Salad

La Comedia Salad

I almost just asked for 2 more salads and skipped the buffet, but I’m really glad I didn’t!!

Almost immediately upon finishing the salads, the waiter told us it was our turn to go to the buffet (again, well-oiled machine!) We barely had to wait in line and walked up to this incredible bounty of food. I have to say, I am not a big fan of buffets. The quality of the food tends to break down and the food all tastes the same to me. Not at La Comedia! I won’t go into detail as to what was served as it is all on the website, but I will tell you the food is delicious!! They are known for their Sweet Potato Soufflé that just melted in my mouth.

A Little Bit of Everything at La Comedia

A Little Bit of Everything at La Comedia

There was a little bit of everything (obviously, just look at my plate!) and the minute an item got low on the buffet, someone was out bringing a fresh tray of it. I do have to mention, the fresh yeast rolls and the cheddar bread about pushed me over the edge. Like I needed to eat 4 of them!!

As if I was not full enough, they brought out a dessert which they called Dora Lees’ (after the main character in the play) Peanut Butter Pie. I was stuffed, but rose for the occasion and crushed the whole piece. It was delicious.

La Comedia Buffet

La Comedia Buffet

As you are eating your dessert, they clear away the buffet, the lights dim and it’s show time. Dinner then theater is a great way to go!

Our show, which is playing now through April 28, is 9-5 the Musical. I had not seen the movie back in the 80’s but I knew it had something to do with Dolly Parton. I won’t spoil it for you, but they have incorporated her into the musical and it is wonderful with lots of subtle adult humor. We laughed and laughed. As I mentioned I went in with low expectations, but walked out of there ready to buy dinner theater season tickets for La Comedia.

Now, I want to mention the price. The tickets run from $55 to $71 depending on if you attend the Wednesday through Monday matinee (yes they have a matinee that was very well attended) or an evening show. Included in that price are the buffet (you can go back a second time), coffee and tea and the production. They do serve alcohol, which is not included. My first reaction was that this was a bit pricey. After attending, I feel it is a great value for dinner theater.

So grab your spouse, some friends or your family and head over to La Comedia. If you’re looking for dinner and entertainment in the Cincinnati or Springboro area think about dinner theater. For me, it was something different to do and I cannot wait to go back!!

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